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The power of every drop

Since 1999, with our community and through our annual Earth Month campaign, Aveda has raised over $71 million for hundreds of local and global environmental organizations providing clean water for over 1.5 million people in need and protecting thousands of watersheds in communities around  the world.

1.       The Impact of Charity

Earth Month  Partner Spotlight 100% of all donations  goes directly to clean water. charity: water tracks every dollar Aveda raises, showing the water projects that have been funded and the lives that have been changed.


2.       Addressing Global Challenges

703 million people lack access to clean water daily, our partner Charity Water is changing this.

Help us spread awareness for the clean water crisis by posting your No Wash style using #NoWashDay - when we come together, small actions make a powerful impact.


3.       Empowering Change

More style, less water. Get involved and show us your #NoWashDay hair looks this Earth month.

Extend time between washes with these Aveda haircare products, to keep your hair feeling and looking fresher for longer.


4.       The Ripple Effect

Charity Water is helping people everyday and with Aveda’s help, they can do more, faster. Since 2019, the Aveda UK & Ireland community has fundraised a huge £91,901.16!Every penny raised has gone to building water projects. Do you part by getting involved in #NoWashDay and help save water today.


5.       Overcoming Challenges

Why clean water? Clean water creates healthier, stronger communities, keeps kids in school, gives  women agency to start new businesses and  gain financial independence.

Clean water changes everything

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