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Aveda Hair Therapy Treatments

With busy lives we sometimes forget the importance of looking after our hair regularly and maintaining that healthy glow. Ask yourself, are you looking after your hair as good as you look after your skin and nails? Remember that our scalp is the skin on our head which needs much attention and love, in this case some Aveda love.

Just washing and conditioning the hair is not enough, especially with what we put our hair through during the year. Whether we colour, have regular blowdry's, perms, constant heat/thermal damage and not forgetting environmental factors such as swimming or even our harsh British weather. With many influences to consider we must protect, nourish and maintain the health our precious hair.

However to achieve this it doesn't have to be complicated nor expensive. There are home remedies you can try with ingredients you currently have in your cupboard or you could simply speak to one of our members of staff for advice on our Aveda professional hair care range. When your hair needs a little extra attention, our in salon treatments can be combined with your appointment to maximise the health and beauty of your hair. Our naturally derived ingredients instantly improve the look and feel of your hair. Helping renew the appearance of damage or hydrate your locks. Care, invest and love your hair.



Sit back and relax and let our team of professionals look after you and your hair. This treatment is a must need savior for damaged hair. Our damage remedy treatment reconstructs chemically damaged hair and helps restores your hairs elasticity. This is an intensive restructuring treatment strengthens hair with deep repair. Nourish your hair with ingredients such as Castor, Jojoba and sunflower oil, enriched with barley and quinoa seed extract to protect your hair against environmental, chemical, heat and physical damage.


Enjoy our amazing scalp detox treatment, a much needed therapy during the winter months especially. This intense detoxifier gently exfoliates the scalp with the help of Salicylic acid which acts as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. Also contains Limonene which has been shown to posses anti-inflammatory and an antioxidant properties. Have your hair feeling good and looking amazing from itching and flaking irritation.


A Wonder of Nature for your dry hair.

Give dry hair life with certified organic Buriti oil from the "Tree of life".

This deep conditioning treatment has penetrating moisture. Have our professional-strength treatment intensely moisturise dry hair in just 5 minutes.

On a quest for hydrated hair, Aveda sought inspiration from the moisture rich forests of Brazil, where a unique solution for parched, brittle hair exists in the form of Buriti Oil. Also containing Kukui seed oil which forms a protective barrier against environmental damage. Enriched with Buriti fruit oil helpful in healthy hair growth, sunflower seed oil and limonene benefits on an internal and external level.

Above in salon spa hair treatments start from £20, sign up to our Terence Andrew Hairdressing newsletter to be updated on our latest offers and products.

Whether you have dry hair, damaged ends, frizzy hair, or easily tangled curls, sometimes your hair just needs a little extra TLC. Our natural hair treatments, masks, and oils are all made using a blend of plant-based ingredients to help repair or bring out the best in your hair. If you’re looking for a dry hair treatment, try our nutriplenish™silicone and sulphate-free leave-in-conditioner for ultimate replenishment and nutrient-based hydration. Ask in salon today for our other hair rescue services such as our glossining colour shine service, hair masques or our oil treatment.


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