Revive the look of salon-fresh blonde colour by helping to neutralise brassy yellow tones for an illuminated, beautiful blonde result. Low-lather shampoo developed to maximize toning benefits while cleansing hair. Sulfate cleanser-free formula, gently cleanses without stripping hair.



Stylishly sanitise, cleanse and refresh with LLIO CRYSTAL CLEAR HAND SANITISER.
Spritz away impurities and restore peace of mind in style with crystals.  The LLIO glass bottle is sustainable and looks more like perfume.  A sanitiser to look glamorous at home or in a handbag.  The practical benefits of LLIO sanitiser are complemented with delicious geranium and sweet orange essential oils.
CRYSTAL CLEAR HAND SANITISER’S are charged with a range of gemstones.  Citrine, the stone of abundance, Rose Quartz for love, Amethyst for calm and Lapis Lazuli for protection.  The CRYSTAL CLEAR HAND SANITISER comes in Household (100ml) or Handbag size (50ml).  Our LLIO CRYSTAL CLEAR SANITISER is officially tested and kills 99.99% of bacteria.

Introductory offer in salon £14.95 50ml (RRP £18.95)

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